Clay Wood

Clay Wood has embraced wheel thrown ceramics since childhood having over a decade of experience with wheel thrown forms. An advocate of functional classical pottery, Clay’s focus is on the harmony between form and function in era of art which shuns the tangible. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a passion for pottery Clay is able to encourage and inspire the next generation of wheel thrown ceramicists in a craft that requires both honed skill and creativity. Clay opened his self titled studio with a goal of offering an assortment of ceramics services on a continuum ranging from the window shoppers and Saturday hobbyist to eager students and seasoned ceramicists. We are strong believers in quality customer service and will do our all to accommodate any needs.





weezyEloise Fischer-Fortney

Eloise began their ceramics experience in high school, and eventually started managing a ceramics studio in January 2016. Since then, they have been working towards creating a line of minimal pottery, focusing on soft whites for a sleek finish, and featuring some hand-built pieces to give an authentic one-of-a-kind feel to the work.





Tess Israelson

Tess Israelson became an artist the moment she touched a crayon. She began sculpting in 1994. After a short lived career as an art student at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, she decided that traveling was able to provide the deeper levels of inspiration she was seeking. After 10 years traveling the States, Asia and South Africa she has chosen to make a brief foray honing her craft at clay. Tess brings a world of inspiration to our humble studio every day. Through her artwork, her teaching and her presence Tess adds a wonderfully dynamic dimension to the clay pottery experience.

Ben Rigney

1970-Introduced to ceramics by my aunt Virginia Rigney

Began formal instruction in high school under John Meumeister at Villa Park H.S. for the following 3 years until graduation in 1981.

1982 continued education at Orange Coast College under Larry Wasserman and Don Jennings.1982-1988
1982-1988 glassblowing- under instruction by Merril Everret.

1986-1989 Rancho Santiago college-Ceramics- continued instruction under Patrick Crabb
1986-1997 glassblowing- under Bruce Freund and other instructors.

1998-1999 advanced mixed media instruction- under George Guyer.

orange coast college
1986 art glass award.
1987 art glass award.

Rancho Santiago College
1998 honorable mention.

2010- Soda salt national-special merit award-Julia Galloway-the clay studio of Missoula,montana
Raku,polaroid of ceramics-Santa Ana,California
Muddy’s woodfire classic-Santa Ana,California
Made in California-city of Brea,California